Bill Gates proposes strategies to combat the Coronavirus


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has already spent $ 100 million on fighting the corona virus.  In a new article , he gives solutions on how to combat the  virus.


Gates wrote in an article for the "New England Journal of Medicine". He called the outbreak of the virus a pandemic, although the World Health Organization has not yet used the term. According to the WHO, the virus has "potential for a pandemic".


Gates suggests the following solutions that could slow the spread of the virus:

  • Wealthy countries should send trained health workers to middle or low income countries. You should keep an eye on how the virus spreads and provide vaccines there.
  • There should be an international database in which states share their information.
  • What was needed was a system that looked for ingredients that had already been tested and found safe and that could be used in a vaccine.
  • Governments and investors should set up production sites where vaccines can be made within weeks.


Gates compares COVID-19 to the 1957 flu pandemic, which killed more than 1 million people. He also compared the 1918 flu pandemic that killed more than 50 million people. The current outbreak, he writes, is somewhere in between.


Gates predicts that large-scale tests for a vaccine could only take place in June at the earliest. Department of Infectious Diseases Director at the U.S. Department of Health, Anthony Fauci, said recently that he hopes to begin testing by mid-April.