New blood test  determines your risk of death in the next ten years


Researchers have developed a method of using blood to assess whether or not a person will die within the next five to ten years.    the study   was published in the journal Nature Communications .


So far, metabolic values ​​have been used in medicine to predict patient longevity. However, some of the biomarkers currently used for mortality forecasts, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol , suggest conflicting predictions across age groups, the researchers write in their report. By contrast, the evaluation of the blood values ​​could have made more reliable predictions.


In evaluating blood data, researchers discovered 14 different indicators that seemed related to the likelihood of dying in the years to come. Could these 14 indicators be the key to predicting our deaths?  So, if someone does such a blood test and gets a negative result, the probability of dying within the next five to ten years is 85 percent.


However, before the blood test can be used by medical professionals, more tests are needed,